Geosystems PDF
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Elemental Geosystems

Elemental Geosystems PDF
Author: Robert W. Christopherson
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Category : Physical geography
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CD-ROM contains: QuickTime 3.0 -- Netscape 4.51 -- Virtual Field Trips 1.1.

Geosynthetics And Geosystems In Hydraulic And Coastal Engineering

Geosynthetics and Geosystems in Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering PDF
Author: Krystian Pilarczyk
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9789058093028
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A review of the existing applications of geosynthetics and geosystems in hydraulic and coastal engineering, with an overview on material specifications, structural components, relevant tools during conceptual and detail design, possible applications, and execution aspects. A more detailed description is given of new or lesser-known systems and applications. Additional basic information on design methodology and geosynthetics is included to provide a basic framework of information for design purposes.

Growth Dissolution And Pattern Formation In Geosystems

Growth  Dissolution and Pattern Formation in Geosystems PDF
Author: B. Jamtveit
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401591792
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This book is the proceedings of the 11th Kongsberg seminar, held at the Norwegian Mining Museum in the city of Kongsberg, about 70 km Southwest of Oslo. The Kongs berg district is known for numerous Permian vein deposits, rich in native silver. Mining activity in the area lasted for more than 300 years, finally ceasing in 1957. The first eight Kongsberg seminars, organized by professor Arne Bj0rlykke, now director of the Norwegian Geological Survey, were focused on ore-forming processes. These seminars have always been a meeting point for people with a variety of geological backgrounds. Since 1995, the Kongsberg seminars have focussed on geological processes, rather than on specific geological systems, and the selection of invited speakers has been strongly influenced by their interest in the dynamics of geological systems. In 1995 and 1996, various aspects of fluid flow and transport in rocks, were emphasized. The first "Kongsberg proceedings" (of the 1995 seminar) published by Chapman and Hall (Jamtveit and Yardley, 1997) contained 17 chapters dealing with a wide range of topics from field based studies of the effects of fluid flow in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks to computer simulations of flow in complex porous and fractured media. In 1997, the focus was changed to growth, and dissolution processes in geological systems.

Ground Improvement Geosystems

Ground Improvement Geosystems PDF
Author: Michael C. R. Davies
Publisher: Thomas Telford
ISBN: 9780727726056
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Category : Engineering geology
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The papers presented in this volume describe the latest developments from around the world on ground improvement by densification and reinforcement. They describe new research into improving the understanding of the problems facing geotechnical engineers working in the field of ground improvement and the advances in the techniques available to them. Numerous case studies show how new and improved methods have actually been applied over a wide variety of ground conditions.

Dynamics Of Mountain Geosystems

Dynamics of Mountain Geosystems PDF
Author: R. B. Singh
Publisher: APH Publishing
ISBN: 9788170244721
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Category : Social Science
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